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New Residents

Hello, new neighbor! Welcome to the neighborhood! We look forward to meeting you. Please let us know who you are by filling out this form below.

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Country Club Neighborhood 101

This neighborhood is full of fascinating history, hidden treasures, and beautiful public green spaces.

Public green spaces in our neighborhood:

  • Pocras Park
  • Jan Pitsch Green
  • Irvingdale Park and Rudge Park (on our boundary line)
  • Bishop Heights Park (on our boundary line)
  • Pierson Gardens
  • Woodsdale Islands and other 43 boulevards throughout our area
  • Sheridan Elementary playground

Map available here!

Explore the Bike Trails of Lincoln:

Hop on the Rock Island Trail on the east side of our neighborhood, which runs nearly 7 miles from UNL City Campus to Densmore Park. This trail offers connections to the Helen Boosalis Trail, the Southpointe Trail, the Billy Wolff Trail, and the Tierra Park-Williamsburg Trail. Map available here!

Historic Building Survey of the Neighborhood:

In 2006, the City of Lincoln completed a Historic Building Survey of our neighborhood. This survey is a systematic method of documenting historic resources such as buildings, structures, sites, objects and districts. The information derived from the survey was entered into the statewide historic resources inventory, which acts as an archive of information on historic properties. Click here for the survey!

National Register of Historic Places Application:

In 2008, a portion of our neighborhood (the Boulevards Historic District) was designated within the National Register of Historic Places with the National Park Service of the US Department of Interior. The application is available for review online and contains a wealth of information about the history of our area. Click here for the application!

How to Get Involved

We’d love to meet you! Click here for some ideas of how you can get involved in your new neighborhood.