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Who We Are

Mission & History


To encourage neighbors to come together to preserve, protect and enhance the historic character of the neighborhood.


Welcome to our website! Whether you are a neighbor or a visitor, we hope you take the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful, historic neighborhood and meet our friendly residents.

From the beginning, the Country Club Neighborhood Association has worked in the best interest of our neighborhood. We have advocated for significant and beautiful improvements that are treasured even today. And, by being educated, informed and well organized, CCNA has halted several projects that would have changed the landscape and identity of our neighborhood.

In 1986, our neighbors created the CCNA organization. We took a stand in preventing the proposed widening of South 27th Street from South Street to Highway 2. This action protected our historic neighborhood and proved much can be accomplished by being involved in the civic process.

In 1994, the issue of widening 27th Street arose again. This time, the Public Works Department wanted to impose “balanced pairs” on South 27th Street and South 40th Street. With balanced pairs, 27th Street and 40th Street would be widened by an additional lane each. One street would carry two lanes of northbound and one of southbound traffic; the other would carry two lanes southbound and one northbound. CCNA saw this as ill-conceived and knew if Public Works was successful, it was only a matter of time before 27th Street was widened even more.

CCNA set out to once again having to defend and protect our neighborhood. Postcards in opposition to the project were mailed to the Mayor, City Council, County Commissioners, Planning Commissioners, and many other elected and appointed officials. The Association formed an alliance with the people of the South 40th Street neighborhood. Neighbors attended public hearings, went before the City Council, and stayed vigilant until the “balanced pairs” proposal was defeated, culminating in a lawsuit filed against the City by the Association in September of 1994.

Since 1994, CCNA has played a significant role in shaping the look and feel of our historic neighborhood, including projects such as the renovation of Pocras Park, countless tree plantings, trail and boulevard clean-up, the installation of historic street lights, and the recent replacement of the Sheridan Boulevard Penny Bridges. CCNA has also worked with the City of Lincoln on several projects, including burying power and utility lines and selecting the style of curb used in our neighborhood during paving projects. The Association also hosts Historic Walking Tours of the neighborhood, an Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale day, a Back-to-School Swimming Party, and numerous smaller social events throughout the neighborhood.

We welcome your suggestions and ideas on how to preserve the character and charm of our neighborhood, while preparing for the future. We look forward to hearing from you!